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Hello my friends, this is my Eczema story!

I am a 60 years old happily married woman who was born in Hong Kong. I have three grown boys who also have Eczema and I currently live in Edinburgh, my husbands home town. Before I spent 7 years in Singapore during 1985 to 1992 because of his work, but have lived in Bonnie Scotland since then.

My worst memory of my Eczema was back in secondary school. I joined the school basketball team. We would play in all different kinds of weather, especially in the hot and humid times in Hong Kong! My toes were always itchy and the skin turned blacked. It kept peeling off in a cycle. Originally I thought it was caused of the cheap trainers I was wearing and the wet socks!

When I started working in an office after I left school, I was very confident with my body. I did a lot of fitting modelling jobs for Head Sport and Esprit when I had free time during lunch and after work. Despite being confident with my body, I wasn’t comfortable with my toes. I seldom wore sandals and always wore socks to hide the severity of my Eczema.

The skin on my toes bothered me so much. Despite getting positive compliments on my legs, I was always worried that they may see my toes.

The turning point was when I moved to Singapore after my first son was born. I moved there as my husband got transferred. We lived in a condominium with a lovely swimming pool in front of our garden. I loved swimming but it didn’t help with the skin on my toe. It was always irritated and itchy. I started going to skin specialists for advice but to no avail.

My mum came to visit me and she heard of a local method that was used for bad skin. She bought two coconuts, burnt it and extracted some oil from them. She applied them on my toes and after a few times, my toes weren’t itchy anymore! My Eczema got better and the black skin peeled off. Since then, my Eczema on my toes were cured and I had no problems at all!

It’s been over 30 years now and I haven’t had a problem since the treatment my mum gave me. Now I love wearing sandals during the summer and swim as much as I can! Luckily for me, something natural like coconuts was the answer! Lucky me!

Gregor Smith

Creator of EczemaFeed. Longtime sufferer who wants to make a change. The purpose is to provide trusted and useful information to those suffering from the dry red patches and itching of eczema, as well as those who care for those suffering from it. It includes the latest treatments, anecdotal user experience, and guidance on how to find products that may help relieve eczema symptoms.

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